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Tummy Tuck Turkey

The abdomen is the most common area for body fat to accrue. To our apprehension, it stretches the skin. This creates stubborn fat pockets and folds of abdominal skin that — often does not respond well to unremitting dieting and exercise. Professional and experienced CPS Istanbul cosmetic surgeons treat this unwarranted fat and unruly conditions using tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) at our modern plastic surgery clinic in Turkey. Our team of plastic surgery professionals in Istanbul use the latest techniques and technology to minimize post-surgery pain, ensuring the most rapid recovery and stunning results.

Good Candidates for Tummy Tuck in Turkey

  •  You have excess fat and loose skin in the abdominal area with no benefit from diet and exercise
  •  You have lost abdominal muscle control due to pregnancy or aging
  •  You are of average weight with a protruding abdomen

    Tummy Tuck Surgery

    Our celebrated Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Istanbul cosmetic surgeons first make an incision across the abdomen, just below the navel. The length of the incision is based on the amount of skin to be removed.

    After separating the abdominal skin and cutting it away from the navel, your CPS Istanbul surgeon repositions and tightens the stomach muscles — stretches the skin down, trims away the excess — creating a new hole for the navel, and reattaching the skin to complete the tummy tuck.

    Tummy tuck is a major procedure, and the patients should be prepared for a significant recovery period after surgery.

    Certain patients may need to stay overnight in the hospital after surgery. Swelling and pain are to be expected, but they can be controlled with compression bandages and medication. Patients should spend the first few days after surgery resting and recovering.

    Our plastic surgery team typically removes stitches about a week after surgery. At this point, most tummy tuck patients are ready to begin a light exercise regimen that will speed the healing process and help prevent blood clots.

    Patients need to continue wearing their compression bandages and exercising gently for several weeks, but should avoid strenuous activity for up to six weeks as they heal.

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