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Breast Reduction Turkey

For our female patients, whose breasts are excessively large and do not weaken after childbirth, a breast reduction at Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Istanbul in Turkey may be the key to help you achieve your desired breast size. Breast reduction surgery in Istanbul helps to alleviate physical ailments such as neck and back pain, allowing more freedom in physical activity. It can also make large breasts more proportionate to the rest of a woman’s body.

At CPS Istanbul, our top-rated plastic surgeons use breast reduction surgery to correct the following:

  •  Breast ptosis. The nipple-areolar complex has fallen below the desired level. The degree varies from mild to severe.
  •  Macromastia. A woman’s breasts can become extremely large. Known as breast hypertrophy or macromastia, this can lead to significant medical issues, such as rashes underneath the breasts, back and shoulder pain, shoulder grooving from extra weight pulling down on bra straps, and decrease or loss of nipple sensation.
  •  Gynecomastia. Abnormal development of breast tissue in men resulting in breast enlargement. The condition can occur physiologically in newborn males, during adolescence, and in the elderly. Gynecomastia occurs in nearly 60 percent of adolescent boys and is often a source of distress. For boys whose teenage gynecomastia is not due to obesity, the breast development decreases or in some cases completely disappears within several years.

    Good Candidates for Breast Reduction in Turkey

  •  You suffer from neck, back, and shoulder pain caused by the weight of large breasts
  •  Tight bra straps have caused visible, uncomfortable grooves in your shoulders
  •  Your breasts feel unproportioned to the rest of your body
  •  You have large, sagging breasts with low nipples and large areolas
  •  You are self-conscious of your breast size
  •  You have one breast significantly larger than the other

    Breast Reduction Procedure

    Our expert plastic surgeons at CPS Istanbul utilize short scar techniques that reduce or eliminate the size of the scar. These permit the removal of excess breast tissue without the need for the anchor-shape scar under the breast. Excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin are removed. The nipple and areola are then moved into their appropriate position.

    Many times, a breast lift procedure is needed to position the breasts higher on the chest. In some cases, liposuction around the armpits may be needed to remove additional excess fat.

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