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Breast Lift Turkey

Are you in good physical and emotional health, have realistic expectations of breast surgery, and desire firmer breasts that will rejuvenate your silhouette? Breast lift surgery at the most prominent plastic surgery clinic in Istanbul if often recommended for women who desire a more lifted look after the effects of pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, heredity, and weight loss. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Istanbul plastic surgeons can restore a more youthful and lifted look to women with these types of issues. This cosmetic surgical procedure is used to raise, reshape, and add fullness to sagging breasts. At CPS Istanbul in Turkey, patients often combine breast lift surgery with breast implants to enhance firmness and size. Our top surgeons specialize in several of the newest techniques, which leave minimal scars and ensure the quickest recovery. Before having breast lift surgery, it is important for patients to ultimately consider whether you intend to have more children as pregnancy and nursing after the procedure may reverse the results of the procedure.

Good Candidates for Breast Lift in Turkey

  •  Your breasts have lost their volume due to pregnancy or aging
  •  You have large areolas with little fullness on the top of your breasts

    Breast Lift Procedure

    During the breast lift procedure, your CPS Istanbul surgeon will trim and remove excess skin while tightening tissue to rejuvenate the position of the breast. The most common technique involves a limited or short scar procedure which avoids an incision under the breast. Once the excess skin is removed, the nipple and areola (dark area of skin around the nipple) are moved to the appropriate position and the breast is reshaped. During this part of the surgery, your CPS Istanbul cosmetic surgeon can also reduce the size of the areola, a procedure known as an areolar reduction.

    After a breast lift, the breasts will be in a higher position on the chest and will be tighter and firmer in appearance. However, a breast lift on its own cannot change the size of the breast. To accomplish this type of change, our surgeons recommended breast augmentation surgery.

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